Available Worldwide
The only worldwide delivery platform!
Quick & Easy:

- Merchant Enabled or Disabled: 1-tap Turn On/Off at any time
- Set Delivery hours
- 2-Tap -Set & Automatically Collect Customer Delivery Fees: No Fee, % of Transaction, or Minimum Order is Free.
- Local geo-located Delivery Driver Hiring Application posted on your Single Outlet’s Business Profile with instant notification of all new applicants.
- Signup & activate/deactivate delivery drivers
- 2-tap Select a Delivery Driver for each order and automatically forward orders and directions to your selected delivery driver

Service Area


Local Service Everywhere!
Home or Traveling
Automatically Geolocates the customer within about a 50 Mile Range of the merchant.

Note: Quick and Easy address updates for mobile businesses- Food Trucks, Vendor, and more

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