We are developers, programmers, and software engineers worldwide who love what we do.
We work hard and spend a lot of time at our computers, online, or driving to events.
One day our Founder asked a simple question. “Why isn’t there a simple and better way to get our stuff delivered, or to order stuff while we are on a road trip?”
Well, that led us in to research, development, and a few short years later: ZapNabit.
But, it’s not just for us anymore, any merchant or customer worldwide can get stuff delivered – home or highway. Local ZapNabit merchants selling food or merchandise are instantly displayed within your vicinity, so you can order then pick-up or have delivered – from home or highway. SWEET!
If no ZapNabit merchants are available in your local home or highway area you can send them quick notes letting them know you tried to order and they need to become a ZapNabit Merchant – better for you, better for them.

“Get Local Stuff Now”
Logo Graphic Design: ZapNabit & Art Dud Email: chrisdudleyart@gmail.com
ZapNabit Team

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